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  • Evergency Surgery Workshop Davos 2011 - Invitation
    [2011.10.25.] - MOT - Hírkategória: Rendezvény információ
    Davos Congress Centre The Emergency Surgery Workshop will take place on Saturday, 10 December 2011, between the two AO Training Courses, and shall attract participants from both AO course weeks.

    Outcome goals:
    - Approproate secision making under extreme conditions
    - Guidlines for emergency surgery
    - Course modules

    To improve the quality of response to the medical problems encountered immadiately after a sudden onset sisaster and during the first days and weeks that follow, the workshop will focus on crush injures, limb salvage, skin cover and the wuestion of whether or not to amputate. The workshop will also address rapid and appropriate decision making in stressful situations, which can be additionally aggravated by extreme enviromental conditions. Special attention will be given to the long-term perspective, accountability, data collection and reporting.

    Who should attend?
    - medical institutuons
    - the health sector (in particular surgeons interested in emergency surgery)
    - international medical response teams
    - UN and international agencies
    - NGOs working in the area of Disaster Relief
    - the European Union and other goverment agents (especially from humanitarian aid, civil protection and health sectors)

    Participation fee
    420 CHF. include course material, coffee breaks, lunch, certification

    Call for posters
    You are kindly invited to submit the title of your poster to madeleine.colbert@grforum.org. Notification of acceptance will be given by 10 November 2011.

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